Sampling for firms.

Do you run a practice for greater than 20 team members? In the spirit of sustainability, we provide a service to minimise waste in your physical samples libraries.

Product search
We are a team of materials experts dedicated to researching and finding the perfect products for both residential and commercial projects. Get specs, lead times and pricing where required. Quickly and reliably.
Sample ordering
A dedicated contact to coordinate your sample orders - from within or outside of our network of suppliers. Order samples delivered quickly and reliably with transparent updates.
Sample returns and library clean-out
Recycle or re-use samples that otherwise will go to landfill. Our mission is to make sampling more sustainable. If the library is cluttered and a bit too full, we can help organise returns to the suppliers or find ways to recycle them.

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"An innovative collective with sustainability as its driving force, emerging brand Simple Sample is offering a seamless method of delivering building and design material samples in Australia."

"This new Australian platform is streamlining the material sample ordering process for architects, interior designers and design professionals."